About Us

The partnership of G & L Antiques was established in 1985.Our focus over the years has been on sourcing good quality English and European period furniture both fine and vernacular. This has gradually been extended to include more decorative objects, especially mirrors and chandeliers, in the main of French provenance.

We have our own restoration workshop on the premises, which enables us to maintain the standard and quality of any restoration required. A conservation approach is taken to the restoration work carried out. One of the tenets of this method is that nothing should be done that cannot be undone without harming the original. This therefore excludes the use of many modern adhesives and finishes   Original finishes where at all possible are maintained, techniques and processes follow those, by in large used by the original makers. At all times the integrity of the piece is the principal consideration. This approach takes time but does ensure that the repaired piece does not look “restored” but appears as if it hasn’t been touched, just lovingly cared for over the years. Just because furniture is antique shouldn’t mean that its function is impaired and that it can’t be used. Drawers for example should slide in with just the pressure of a fingertip. It should be as much pleasure to use your antiques, as it is to look at them.